Flex Coat Lite

Lure fish are made use of all over the world and also there are lots of researches into ways to properly control what your lure fish will do once it is on a hook. Everything boils down to the application you are relying on such as bottom fishing or free-lining. After years of experimentation, I have actually pertained to the conclusion that artificial baits are constantly less complicated to rig up and command. On the other hand, live bait produces even more strikes as well as bigger fish; so it pays to utilize real-time lure.

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I fetched my deal with box and discovered a buck tail jig the exact same shade of the threadfins. Then it hit me! If I act like a threadfin chasing the smaller school of fish, they will certainly discover my sabiki irresistible. I casted my recently designed rig as well as reeled it fast through the institution of threadfin. Readily, my rig teemed with six-inch threadfins. Every subsequent cast had the same result. I have actually been using this strategy now for 7 years with remarkable results. I bring up to the college of lure fish, surrounded by every boat leaving that morning, as well as fill my live well in much less than 10 minutes while others see in admiration.