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Heaven Catfish is one of the largest ï" ¿ kinds of catfish discovered in the US. With the capacity to get to a length of 65 inches and weight up to 150 pounds. The ordinary length for a Blue Catfish is ï" ¿ 25-46 inches. Blue's are naturally distributed in the Mississippi Stream drainage that consists of the Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee as well as Arkansas Rivers. They have actually additionally been introduced right into several other tanks and also streams. South Carolina has a multitude of Blue's living in the Santee-Cooper Storage tank. This types of fish are opportunistic killers as well as will consume any sort of species of fish they can catch in addition to frogs, and crayfish. For the Blue Catfish, a simple dish is a good dish. They will certainly most of the times make use of wounded or dead fish. They could likewise periodically be found feeding below colleges of striped bass.When angling for Blue Catfish, lures that resemble dead fish will attract the fish! Blues like stink lure and cut lure. They will certainly likewise respond well to live baits such as minnows, sunfish, herring, and shad. Blue catfish have a tendency to favor further water in bigger rivers and also tanks yet will feed as well as spawn into reasonably superficial water. They can be captured in warmer environments in water as superficial as 12 in.