Makinen Lures

Bait fish are relied on all over the globe and also there are several studies right into the best ways to effectively control exactly what your lure fish will certainly do once it is on a hook. It all comes down to the application you are using such as bottom fishing or free-lining. After years of hit and miss, I have pertained to the conclusion that artificial lures are always easier to rig up and also command. On the other hand, live lure generates more strikes and also larger fish; so it pays to utilize live bait.

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When bottom fishing, you would like to know where the fish lie in the water table to need to best opportunity of presenting your bait fish to a hungry killer. Hook positioning is key. If you want your bait fish to swim up, hook it in the tail. When hooked in the tail, lure fish have a natural impulse to swim far from the hook and most will certainly attempt to swim up presenting them to red snapper and also amber jacks. If you want your bait fish to swim down, hook them in the nostrils. The weight of the incorporate their nose will certainly create them to hug the base, this is where grouper prefer to eat.