Okuma Serrano

Someday I chose to fish the Cheesemen Canyon stretch of the South Platte, among the most popular rivers in CO. It was a Tuesday, there was a 45 min trip to the river, and it was a terrific combination of rain/sleet/snow. Definitely this would certainly be my possibility to have some alone time with the river. Nope.

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When I used up fly fishing, the technique to fishing rivers merely seemed to make good sense to me, in spite of never having really fished a river. Among the benefits of fly angling that I have located is that I obtain to spend much of my time on rivers as opposed to lakes. With rivers, I could check out the surface and surmise exactly what is going on with the framework of the river bases. When you incorporate that with fundamental understanding of the habits of trout it's rather very easy to determine where they hold but catching them is another story. On the various other hand, in a lake, the fish could possibly be anywhere. The entire lake is their safe house.