Fathead minnows can tolerate, relatively well, harsh problems. It can occupy waters that may be uninhabitable to various other fish. Waste drainage sites are an example. However, the toxins in these scenarios could affect the minnows. There could be decreased reproductive ability.

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The spawning season of the fathead minnow ranges from June through July, with some spawning as early as mid-May, and also reaching early August. They choose a temperature level range of 50 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and spawing occurs in temperatures around 64 levels Fahrenheit. The male looks after eggs that the female down payments in a nest. Typically, a male fathead minnow will take over a nest website that is currently in usage. It decides on sites that currently have eggs, as well as the even more eggs in the nest, the a lot more most likely the current male will be challenged by a new male fathead minnow. This kind of habits is called allopathernal service, where one man displaces the other man. Males aerate the eggs, they eliminate diseased eggs, as well as they guard eggs from predators such as crayfish. By "switching out" the males, it permits greater survival of the eggs, as the brand-new males that take control of are "fresher" and more in shape probably, to advance the job of protecting the eggs. Each male minnow defends the website for 3 to five weeks, permitting for a "transforming of the guard". The eggs hatch in about five days.