Keep an added set of dry clothing in your vehicle. By doing this, if you do obtain damp, you can transform to aid stop hypothermia. When it involves garments, layer the clothes. Naturally you need an ample hat, gloves, socks, as well as boots. You might desire long johns. Have a wind- and also water-resistant external garment. Woollen, even when it is wet, helps keep body heat. Among the other regulations of ice fishing safety is to put on a life vest, so if you do get damp, maintain the life jacket on until you could get to your motor vehicle to transform. This will certainly help retain heat.

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Never ice fish on a stream or where there is a strong present beneath the ice. If you do fish there, and if you do happen to drop in, you could be brushed up downstream. When it concerns water levels, if for one reason or another, the water level underneath the ice minimizes as the period progresses, the ice is now in need of support by water. It runs the threats of dropping in, splitting, and also damaging due to its very own weight.