Split Cane

A fish finder rig is generally a sinker that is complimentary moving along the line that is connected to the line by a swivel and afterwards you have a bead then a breeze swivel. Following is a black leader after that the hook. The hook can be any dimension, yet I prefer # 2 circle hook. This hook is not that big, but not too little either. The weight holds the bait near the base and also the crabs won't get your lure.

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An additional suggestion is to inspect your bait every 15 minutes if you don't get a strike. If you do locate the fish, many strikes happen a couple of secs after the lure hits all-time low. To locate the fish, ask your local tackle shop where the fish are biting; most deal with shops will certainly be pleased to tell you. Also inspect for the size restrictions of the black drum in your area. I wish these tips are useful and make your angling journey more satisfying.